June 16, 2005

Tough Love for Asafa

There's been some big news lately, as my Jamaican half-brother, Asafa Powell, broke the world record in the 100 meters. Asafa, I am very proud of you. I don't know why you dogged it in Athens after I touted you to all the visitors of this site, but I'll let it slide because of this. If, however, you think being a world record holder allows you to be Team Captain at our family reunion horse shoes game, you better think again. Some things are a little more tricky than just running really, really fast, and I've proved my mettle as captain year after year. So just back off, okay?

But this post isn't about Asafa Powell, it's about the people of the Internet who searched for Asafa Powell. For whatever reason, if you do a Google Images search for Asafa, an image from my site is one of the first results. In the past day or two, people have linked this pic of mine all over the place as the news broke about the 100M record. The picture in question:

Well, if an assload of people are going to post pictures hosted on my site onto their messageboards and blogs, it's completely understandable that I'd do something idiotic. With this in mind, I have replaced the former, very popular, much trafficed pic of Asafa with the following picture of Cheech Marin.


The end result = pure delight. You want to see some hijinks in action? Why, just click the following links!
Hijink 1
Hijink 2
Hijink 3
Hijink 4
Hijink 5
Hijink 6
Hijink 7
Hijink 8
Hijink 9
Hijink 10

There are more. Ohhh, are there more. And while I have no idea what most of these say, the lesson is the same: if you rely on this site for your multimedia needs, you'll must abide my increasingly moronic whims.

Posted by Cody at June 16, 2005 6:38 PM