January 2, 2006

The New Year Begins

2006 in the hay-ouse! I hope everyone had a rocking New Year's/seventh night of Hannukah. I did. Boy howdy, did I ever. Laura and I were in Houston for Darby and Jenny's wedding. I was an usher in the affair, and I ushed with a vengeance. I ushed with such spirit, some mistook it for malice. But no, I wasn't motivated by any ill will, but affection and a longing for the bar service at the reception. I got to see a lot of my old collegiate comrades, eat plenty of shrimp, and hang with the SB Crew. I also drank a lot, in case you're unfamiliar with my wedding-going habits.

The best part of the whole thing was spending two nights in a hotel. In our room, we had the biggest damn bed I've ever seen. A whole African village could've slept on that thing with us. At home, we have a queen sized bed and it suits me well. I can really spread my crap out on that, but after we got back today, I can't bring myself to look at it. Before I can sleep on it, I feel like I need to extend it a few feet with some plywood and carpenter's glue.

What else can I say about that trip? The service itself was very nice and extremely complicated. If I were to ever be in a ceremony that involved, I'd need my limbs rigged to some master wedding puppeteer. Also, the ceremony marked the first time I'd ever worn a lavender hanky in church. In secular settings, it's a regular occurrence. As part of my duties as usher though, I had to lavender it up. And let me tell you, I liked it. It was the first time for the lavender hanky in church, but definitely not the last.

Posted by Cody at January 2, 2006 8:59 PM