June 16, 2009

The Quest

Dear website, it's been a while. You probably think that I found a new website to replace you. Maybe you have this image in your mind of me and the new website having a picnic in the park, with fresh fruit and a bunch of fancy sandwiches. You imagine me whispering to the website, "I never would've done this with codypowell.com!" I assume it's you that's been calling Twitter, sobbing briefly, and then hanging up.

Fear not, codypowell.com! I am back, at least for tonight.

So, why was I away for so long? Well, I was on Twitter a lot. Twitter, as an idea, is a good one. In its best form, it's a bunch of people you like telling jokes and sharing their opinions on current events. In actuality, Twitter has a little bit of that good stuff, and the rest is a bunch of maniacs talking nonstop about social media analytics and landing page optimization. What is that? I don't know; I suspect it's all an elaborate practical joke. Twitter fiends, I beg you to appeal to the rest of us and start linking to videos of funny chimpanzees immediately.

Twitter wasn't the problem, of course; it was a symptom. My job was really intense for a long time, and when I'd get home, I didn't have the energy for the good parts of life. I didn't post here, I didn't exercise, and I didn't really make much of an effort to see or communicate with my friends and family. Had I happened upon a zombie charging towards a nursery school, I probably wouldn't have tried to stop him. Had Elvis Costello personally come to my house and offered to collaborate with me on a rock opera starring Tracy Morgan, I would've shrugged him off. I was burned out.

The solution here is obvious: I must revert to my previous ways, in which my life was a constant quest towards that which is both radical and wonderful. This is not an easy quest. It's much easier to put on some sweatpants, watch the Match Game, and tweet about grilled cheese sandwiches. In the event my previous ways are slightly too stressful, sweatpants + Match Game + grilled cheese tweets is my backup plan.

Posted by Cody at 9:49 PM