November 22, 2009

Does this thing work?

Moved over to new server. Does anything work? *crossing fingers*

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November 16, 2009

Gettin' Wooly With It

Back in mid-December of last year, I had a slight miscommunication with the lady at Pro Cuts. She misinterpreted my command of "Just do whatever, you know, hair cut type things" as "Go crazy! Shave it all off! It'll be a Kojak Christmas!" It was not a good look for me. It emphasized my chubbosity; it made me look surly; people kept asking me when I had joined the Merchant Marines.

After that experience, I just decided that, to hell with it, I'm growing my hair out. Why let the lady at Pro Cuts make me look absurd when my hair can look absurd on its own? Actually, I'm making this a little too dramatic. I don't think I truly made a decision here; it was just a perfect storm of laziness, cheapness, and my own intrigue with my natural bushy-headedness.

I slipped at one point in the spring and got a little trim, but since then, I've been getting wooly with it. My hair has always grown quickly, much like Sasquatch's, and so I've got some serious volume now. What sort of length are we talking about here? Well, I think if we're talking about hair length, there's one major question: could I pull off a white trash ponytail nubbin? Yes, I could if I wanted to, which I totally do.

People have actually complimented me on this quite a bit, which is pretty much the only thing stopping me from cutting it all off when I look in the mirror and wonder who that homely woman is staring back at me. There are many more drawbacks to long hair besides just that. They include:

1) Pain. Do not ever make the mistake of driving a convertible without a cap on your longish hair, or else you risk getting hair whipped into a coma. And what about the combing? Good heavens! I wish I could just black out for 90 seconds every morning when I get out of the shower and have to comb my hair into shape.

2) Wetness. After I get out of the shower, my hair is now wet for roughly the rest of the day. I'm worried I look like a guy who'd try to sell you speakers in the parking lot of a 7/11. (And don't mention blow dryers, I don't like all of that hot air in my face when I exit a shower.)

3) Long hair lifestyle. I think it's just a matter of time before other long-haired dudes try to induct me into their secret society, which probably revolves around the band Rush and the lesser works of JRR Tolkien. (I'm currently reading the Silmarillion, so I'm halfway there!)

The hair stays for now, but it's been warned.

Also, I am going to move the internet apparatus to a new mainframe this week. If this site goes down for a day or two, please don't panic and give up on life. If it's down more than a week, then that's probably a reasonable reaction.

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