January 20, 2010

Fighting for Tacos and Podcasts

I wish I could get really excited about worthwhile causes, like the environment, health care reform, and climate change. I think about myself becoming activist and wearing shirts with witty, incisive slogans and getting together for big activist potluck dinners where we plot how we're going to stick it to the other side, perhaps by sit-ins or exhausing letter writing campaigns. That all sounds worthwhile and engaging, except for the fact that I'm just not that interested in all of that stuff.

Instead, I save all of my excitement for slightly less important interests, like Texas Rangers baseball, NBC's Thursday night lineup (deal with this: Parks and Recreation is the best thing on TV right now), and breakfast tacos. I've long since come to terms with this. Not only is it less stressful to care deeply about these things, but no one is going to mace me for liking breakfast tacos. (If someone does mace me for that, then that is one enemy that I WILL FIGHT.)

You can also add podcasts to the list of topics that get me inordinately worked up. They're great. Anytime you find yourself bored in the car, just fire up a podcast and you're instantly immersed in a fascinating conversation.

One podcast that I've been loving lately is the Moth. It's just one person telling a story each week, and I just love the crap out of the stories they tell. I heard one story earlier this week that everybody should check out, because it's interesting, fun, and surprising. It's Jewish Blood, Irish Heart by Brian Finkelstein. You can listen here, but first prepare yourself to be delighted.

Posted by Cody at January 20, 2010 7:41 PM