March 8, 2010

A Taste of Triumph

Sometimes, I can't help but brag about myself. According to, this very website is something of a national phenonenon. You see, alexa claims that this very website is the 789,915th most popular website in the United States. Take that,! Take your weak ass crap back to 789,930th place.

I will admit that I had the high 700,000's as my ranking target for sometime now. Some years back, I carefully crafted a plan that centered around infrequent, rambling updates and a complete lack of publicity. Combine those two potent factors with many, many months, and it's easy to see how that translates into a varied and passionate readership.

Sadly, I'm not doing as well worldwide as I am in the US. I am the 1,241,701st most popular site worldwide. I have a hypothesis for the dropoff, too: this site is not very Mandarin friendly. I just tried to copy and paste the Mandarin characters for HELLO, FRIENDS and my text editor blew up, so I think it's destined to stay that way.

My main reason for posting is that I wish to propose a partnership to any other site in the high 700,000's. Let us join forces and storm the lower 700,000's. I will plug your content like a possessed man, until we triumph, we both die, or we forget about this whole thing and go watch Netflix instead. The choice is yours and web glory awaits us.

In other news, my excitement continues to build for The Pacific, the new miniseries from the creators of Band of Brothers. I've been rewatching the original series for maybe the 4th time. Why do I like it so much? I know why: I like to see damage inflicted upon the French countryside. No, not that, I just think the whole thing was incredibly well done.

Also, it's very evocative. I watch it and feel like I'm in a little slice of World War II, except that instead of dodging German snipers, I'm dodging Octopussy as she bats ballpoint pens across the living room floor. Also, my "battlefield" (read "couch") has considerably less shrapnel and quite a bit more turkey sandwiches. Anyway, I hope The Pacific can live up to the standard that Band of Brothers set, as the bar is set quite high.

Posted by Cody at March 8, 2010 7:18 PM