March 1, 2010

Be Heroic

Big news, Goulashketeers! I have jettisoned the world of gainful employment to do a crazy startup thingee here in Austin. The joint in question is Famigo Games, and you can read a very trivial amount about us at The idea, in short, is that we're going to change the ways families interact online. The initial way to do that is via games for the iPhone, but hopefully there'll be a lot more coming. If that whole thing turns out to be a dead end, then we'll go to Plan B: selling counterfeit Bugle Boy jeans.

Why make such a drastic change? Well, I've grown tired of health insurance. I think I can solve most of my own personal medical issues through the the vegetation found in my neighborhood. I feel a similar level of disinterest in large paychecks, paid time off, and retirement plans.

Actually, I don't know if I had a great reason for making such a big change. I loved my job at Grasshopper; I worked with really smart people on software that mattered, and all of us got along famously. I was missing something, though. I feel like if I want to be truly engaged and growing as a person, at least a little part of me needs to be terrified of what I'm doing. After a few years at a typical job, it's hard to find that challenge, even if every other thing is great. In the immortal words of Steve Earle, I ain't ever satisfied.

How do I bring the thrill of challenge back into my life? Simple: go and build this brand new company, where I get to be terrified all day long every day.

As scary as the whole thing is, I'm trying to mitigate the riskiness just a little bit. I was fortunate to meet a few other likeminded lunatics so I don't have to do everything on my own. I am also incredibly lucky to have a wife who's willing to go along with these oft-moronic adventures. Between that group, I'm feeling good about our chances.

One thing I was thinking around December was that I should try to think of 2010 as having a theme. That way, I could look back and say, "Ahh yes, that was the year of X." I've been kicking around a few different ideas for this theme (Like a Boss, anyone?), but ultimately I'm thinking my 2010 theme is Be Heroic. That is to say, pretend to be much braver than I actually am.

End result: I'll be rocking the business and technological world in heroic fashion. Failing that, I shall rock the Assistant Manager position at Church's Chicken in heroic fashion. I think there's roughly equivalent levels of heroism for both.

Posted by Cody at March 1, 2010 10:17 PM