April 12, 2010

Treme Fever

I don't think I've ever written on here about the Wire, and that's a huge mistake on my part. It was, of course, a gritty crime show set in Baltimore, and it's some of my favorite TV ever. I don't know why. I'm not that into crime/police shows, I've actively dislike Baltimore (Cal Ripken Jr was overrated), and I'm not even fond of grit. And yet, I love the show. It's funny, smart, packed with intrigue, really well-written, and full of great actors, and as a result, I've been smitten with it for quite some time.

In fact, I like it so much that I can't bring myself to watch the final season. It's been sitting in my Netflix queue for a year now, and I just keep bumping it back down the list. As long as it's still in the queue, I'm still watching the Wire; it's not yet over for me. Also, based upon how I've built this last season up in my mind, I think I really ought to save the show for when I need it most. I am sure that in the near future, all in the span of one week, I'll be fired, divorced, foreclosed upon, and then diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease. That week is when the final season of the Wire gets bumped to the top of the queue, and I have the viewing party to end all viewing parties.

Here's one of the classic scenes, with some language that's not for the faint of heart:

David Simon, the creator of the Wire, started a new show on HBO yesterday. It's called Treme, and it's a sprawling epic about New Orleans as it recovers from Hurricane Katrina. Let's get into just why I'm so excited here. New show from David Simon. Set in New Orleans, the most interesting city in the USA. Starring John Goodman, prince among men.

How does that get better? The only possible way would be for Roger Federer and Elvis Costello to get cameos, which isn't outside the realm of possibility. I am firing up Episode 1 as soon as I hit Post on this entry.

Posted by Cody at April 12, 2010 8:24 PM