September 23, 2012

Aloha, Austin; Aloha, Seattle

Woah, we moved to Seattle! Having not updated here in a long while, this news may feel sudden to you, the humble Internet denizen, but it was pretty much the most drawn-out activity of my life. First there was the decision on if we even wanted to consider this, then the decision on whether to make the move, then the act of putting the house for sale, then actually selling the house, then replacing every piece of the house as part of the selling, then packing all our stuff, then getting 2 adults, 1 toddler, and a kitty on an airplane, then arriving in the dead of night and figuring what exactly corporate housing entails, then starting a new job, then finding a new house, then getting all of the old stuff into the new house, then deciding to write a blog post. It's intense, man!

What do I think of Seattle so far? I am surprised with its natural beauty, and I'm also surprised that I would be surprised by this. Living in Texas for a long time, I wasn't exactly aware of this thing called natural beauty. I knew it was a thing out in the world somewhere, but I assumed that to see some of it, I'd need to hike for days into the wilderness, then contact a spirit guide. It turns out that, actually, some people can just look out their front door and see mountains, lakes, and pine trees; now I'm one of these people.

Other things that are surprisingly surprising: people here like coffee. Having heard of Starbucks, I was prepared for this and thought maybe the people of Seattle liked coffee a little more than the people of Austin. Not the case. If anything, Seattle is populated by walking, talking coffee disposal systems who have jobs merely so they can afford more Americanos. The closest thing to an alternative currency here is espresso beans, followed closely by ironic t-shirts about the Supersonics.

People in this city are also very, very enthused about local food. I had previously seen this Portlandia skit and assumed they were being comedic. In fact, that skit was a documentary, and the same conversation is happening at 400 different Seattle restaurants right this minute.

There are a lot of things I miss about Austin: my family, friends, and the various tacos that I had become close to. We're about to host the first of many visitors, and I'm excited to show them around. My only request is that they stuff their carry-on luggage with Tacodeli.

Posted by Cody at September 23, 2012 10:03 PM